Why Rugby?

  • Young athletes are unfortunately pushed to “choose” early, and specialize in a given sport with the hope of gaining a competitive advantage. Equally unfortunate, as cited by the American Academy of Pediatrics, early specialization often leads to overuse, overtraining, and burnout. However, that does not change the global need for adequate physical activity, and why it so desperately matters!
  • We at Basecamp31 are taking steps to combat this problem by offering youth Flag Rugby through our Athletic Club (BC-AC). Rugby is a game that develops critical, and universal athletic skills (running, cutting, catching, kicking, throwing), in a socially-supportive environment that is accessible to the entire family. It’s a game that bucks the overuse and specialization trends by requiring a diversity of human movement and because of the game’s relatively new emergence here in America.
  • At BC-AC we believe that “moving well” is at the essence of what it means to be an athlete regardless of sport and those that learn the focus and control required to move well have a significant advantage in ALL sports they participate in
  • Using coordination on this newly developed control allows for efficiency of movement while also creating new movement patterns allowing athletes to perform better while minimizing the chances of overuse injury.

Therefore, the BaseCamp Athletic Club chose rugby, the fastest growing team sport in America, as a way to support the “MOVE-well” concepts. We began offering youth rugby programming designed to teach the skills of efficient movement in a fun way in the summer 2015 and expanded the offering in 2016. We are excited to further continue that momentum in 2017 by offering a spring season in addition to our normal summer offering.


Need more info on the power of rugby? Watch the below and see what this sport can really do for our youth.