Want to play a little pick-up marathon?

Three years ago….after a massive storm rolled through  and made it feel a bit like “normal” was in a galaxy far far away….before BaseCampAC even existed….there was a crazy idea.  It was in response to what seemed like an even crazier notion….that anything, even a natural disaster, could slow down the “greatest city in the world” and be the reason the venerable NYC Marathon would be cancelled….slow down doesn’t mean stop….and we set out to prove it.

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Photo Credit – Kevin McCarron

The power was out, people were stuck in/around their homes because gasoline was hard to come by and nothing was open……so we did what any group would do…….we found something to keep our spirits up…..we kept ourselves occupied, spread the word that we were up to something that we were calling the “first ever pick-up game of marathon” and invited any runner-refugees out to enjoy a run in our beautiful area…..and then we got to work.

It started with a major tree/limb clearing event where we restored the Columbia Trail back to something passable. The faint sound of chainsaws and the dim light of headlamps coming from deep in the woods.  We went late into the night but we got the job done.

Others made arrows and mile markers that could be tacked to the trees.

A few stepped up to volunteer and create some makeshift water/aid stations

Still others found their way to Hunterdon to run and honored the effort in the form of a blog here

It was a great day….something we still look back on with a smile….it showed the resilience of a local community and the spirit of the runners among them.

Check out the video

Now, three years later, when the person (@LindsayGE) who started the whole thing decided it was time to go back and conquer NYC, a few members of the local club decided to revisit MainStreetMarathonthe “Sandy Relief Marathon”….

With a new course and a new name, they too ran a point-to-point 26.2 miler on Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2015 – the most beautiful and challenging course in New Jersey.

See you next year….