Summer of Move

Phew! The BaseCamp community has been hustling these last few weeks.  With the completion of the 3rd annual Beautiful Beast 15k, the awarding of the John Schaible Jr. Memorial Scholarship to Sam VanBelle (an incredibly deserving student-athlete who exhibits such well-rounded strength), the completion of our spring rugby (tackle) and the kick-off of our summer rugby (flag) programs, BC-AC athletes “Muscling Up for Art“….and the start of the APHPT’s “Summer of Move” competition (it’s not too late to join in), one might argue we’ve got a few things going on!  But it’s funny, the more that’s happening…the more moving parts…the more energy that is spread and good times shared.

It’s Summer… a great time to MOVE… join us!
Eric Eisenhart
BaseCamp 31
From the Chair
It was great to see so many of you at our annual Beautiful Beast 15k event.  The event, among other things, serves as a great fundraiser for our organizations community-health focused efforts.  At this year’s event, we excitedly announced plans for the build out of the BC-AC clubhouse – a project that will count on the many skills and contributions of members and the community to literally build our home and further establish the parcel of land we call “BaseCamp” as a health-hub!  Look for more details on how to get involved soon!

Mike Wellons
Chairman, BaseCamp 31