See It Through…

Earlier this year you may recall members of the BaseCamp community rolling up our sleeves and getting down and dirty…literally!  Connecting with America’s Grow A Row has been a very rewarding experience for our crew, and this past Wednesday I had the privilege of see the fruits (ok vegetables) of our labor as I helped to harvest, on behalf of all of you, FIELDS of cabbage!

I’m always awe-struck by how the work of seemingly few (we had children as young as 4 years old helping this past summer), can go so far when we work together!  I hope as we all enter the Holiday season that we share in gratitude for the things we have, and I am equally hopeful that you know how grateful we are for the efforts of our members!  If you’re not yet one of those (us) yet…finally, I’m hopeful you’ll consider as we continue to work in pursuit of our mission, healthy community and personal development through shared-experiences!

Mike Wellons, ChairmanBaseCamp 31