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At BC-AC, we believe that “moving well” is at the essence of what it means to be an athlete.  

  • Athletes that learn the focus and control required to move well have a significant advantage regardless of their chosen sport
  • Those who can build coordination on this newly developed control can use efficiency of movement to excel
  • Athletes that challenge themselves to learn new patterns and try a variety of sports have the best chance to succeed

In support of this notion, the BaseCamp Athletic Club chose rugby, the fastest growing team sport in America, as a way to support the “MOVE-well” concepts. 

We began offering youth rugby programming designed to teach the skills of efficient movement in a fun way in the summer 2015 and have continually expanded the offering since. We are excited to further continue that momentum in the new year with Immaculate Conception School. Register below and join us! “Mobile Friendly” link here

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Teams, Age Groups and Contacts – SUMMER 2017

Practices & Games

BC-AC will host weekly practices on Mondays and Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 beginning 6/5 and culminating on end of season celebration on Friday, 7/29. All practices are currently scheduled to be held at Patrick McGaheran School in Clinton Township unless otherwise noted. Games will be on Saturday mornings from 6/17 through 7/22; locations will be communicated after registration.  

Use the interactive map below to get driving directions, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this involve tackling?

A: No. BC-AC Rugby is a “touch” sport that uses flags for the youth league.


Q: Is there any special equipment required?

A: Although we recommend gear typical to sports like soccer (shorts/cleats/etc) and a mouthpiece is optional, other rugby-specific gear such as a scrum-cap (head gear) is not generally required for this level. Rugby specific cleats (metal studs) will not be allowed.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: The BC-AC Summer Rugby season will cost $150 for an 8 week program. Registration will include entry into the Morris League, specific Flag Rugby shorts, a game jersey, and a rugby ball.

What is “Touch” (Flag) Rugby? Check out the video below


The BC-AC Rugby Program will initially be under the direction of Michael Eisenhart who is both a charter member of the BC-AC and played as the University of Connecticut’s “outside center” (similar to a running back in American football) while he was there pursuing his degree in Physical Therapy.  As a member of one of UCONN’s most decorated teams, Michael was afforded the unique opportunity to compete in the Rugby National Tournament advancing to the Sweet 16 before losing a heartbreaking loss to eventual finalist Penn State University in the closing seconds of the game.

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