Rugby Marathon


Since inception, the BaseCamp Athletic Club (BC-AC) has committed to serving the health, fitness, and social needs

of the community by committing to the development of athletic endeavors, events and groups.  In it’s tenure, the group has established an engaged group of primarily adult endurance sport (run, bike, tri) enthusiasts who socialize around active pursuits, train and compete together.  However, a gap in community offerings, specifically for our youth, still remains.  Unfortunately in many cases, children are pushed to “choose” early, specialize in a given sport in hopes of gaining competitive advantage.  Equally unfortunate, as cited by the American Academy of Pediatrics, early specialization often leads to overuse, over-training, and burnout.   However, that does not change the global need for adequate physical activity, and why it so desperately matters!

In 2017, BC-AC is taking the next step in it’s launch of Youth Rugby and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Why?  Because Rugby is a FUN, game that develops critical, and universal athletic skills (running, cutting, catching, kicking, throwing), in a socially-supportive environment accessible to the entire family.  It’s a game that bucks the overuse (by requiring diversity of human movement) and specialization (given it’s relatively new emergence) trends.

How You Can Help!

  • Get involved, come play or cheer at the club’s inaugural “Rugby Marathon” on 6/2/17 at Patrick McGaheran School (meet at BC31) 5p – Sun Down CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP
  • Consider supporting financially by DONATING
  • Order dinner and make it a night out!  ORDER HERE