Running with Pets: your comprehensive pro and con list

Now that the warmer weather is here and we have all shed our cumbersome running gear, let the accessorizing begin with your favorite pet!

Most of the time when you see someone running with a pet it is a dog. BC-AC is an inclusive community for all running ages and abilities, so let’s expand that to include all fur, feather and gill types as well as warm and cold blooded pets.

Consider this the all-you-ever-needed-to-know pros and cons list to running with different pets.

First up is dogs since they’re the most common.
Dogs can be leash trained, have a nice moving gait, and can be trained to run at your side for long distances.
Cute factor is moderate.
Dog gets great workout especially if it is a high energy type.
Drivers actually move over for you.
If your dog still gets distracted by squirrels and other animals they can suddenly dart in front of you, trip and face plant you.
Carrying poop in a bag as you run.

Cats and dogs are the most common household pet but most people would never think to run with their cat except this guy 
Unless it’s a big cat they can’t pull as hard as a dog.
Cute factor is really high.

Cats want nothing to do with leashes.
Cats want nothing to do with running at your side.
Cats want nothing to do with you when they’re outside.
A lot of people hate cats so drivers might drive toward you in an attempt to hit the cat.

Horses are more like recreational companion animals and running with your horse is sort of pointless but we’ll give it a shot.
If you get tired you can jump on and there are some cross training benefits.
Drivers leave a really wide berth.

Would be too easy to ride and then you wouldn’t burn as many calories or improve your running.
You would need one of those large black contractor garbage bags for its poop.

Talking birds are endlessly entertaining and very intelligent and who doesn’t want intelligent conversation when running.
The cute and wtf factor is high.
They can sit on your shoulder if you both can tolerate it.
They can bark out orders to motivate you.

Not only do you have to worry about random birds pooping on you as you run, now you have your own bird to worry about.
Having a bird on your shoulder may affect your gait which could cause injury.
Drivers might get distracted and get into an accident.
They can bark out orders and annoy the crud out of you.

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other rodents make wonderful easy to keep companions so here’s to thinking outside the cage.
The cute factor is high.
You might be able to train it to sit on your shoulder.

See first three cons under birds.

Snakes, lizards, and other reptiles are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially that they’re a cold cup of tea, but here you go.
The wtf factor is off the charts.
Iguana explore this some more before I post more pros.

Depending on the breed, your snake might strangle you as you’re running, which isn’t good for your oxygen intake.
Most pet lizards don’t have the stamina.
Drivers might get distracted and get into an accident.
Why would you?

Chickens are becoming more and more ubiquitous in Hunterdon County so why not try them on the roads and trails of the HC as well.
The cute and wtf factor is high.
Who wouldn’t want to run with a modern day dinosaur?
If they drop an egg while you’re running you’ve got instant protein snack.

They would constantly be wanting to cross the road, and then all the questions that would bring up.
They can fly a little so that would be distracting.
You’d attract all of the dogs, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, weasels, and hawks in the nearby vicinity.
Drivers might stop and ask you if you have any eggs to sell.

Pot belly pigs start out as cute and small and grow to be more than a lot of people can handle. To those who can handle it…
They make cute snorting noises when they run.

The cute factor is wtf.
They’re smarter than dogs so they may actually be able to help with your training.

Can they run more than a mile?
The snorting might get distracting.
Drivers might stop and ask you what breed of dog that is.

Are fish pets? Anyway, we’ll include them too.
Depending on the size, you can put them in your water bottle.
If you’re nervous or upset you can calm yourself by looking at them.

In your water bottle, yuck.
You might accidentally swallow it, yuck.
Drivers might call someone to have you picked up and carted off.

So there you have it, folks! Now get out there and turn the streets and trails of the HC into a menagerie of movement.

Summer Rugby – Back in 2016

Back again for the summer of 2016, this year’s BC-AC Rugby Project will include offerings for ALL ages. 

  • For Youth Athletes entering Kindergarten through 9th Grade — Summer Travel Teams: June 13 through Aug 15
  • For All (including adults) — Friday Pick-up Games — Free to BC31 members, drop-in or summer pass for nonmembers: begins June 3rd

CLICK HERE to register to play, learn more about the teams and see a short demo video.