Riding the hills – Tour de Long Valley

As the ride began with some rolling hills and a decent, everyone was feeling good.  Of course, had you looked at the course profile BEFORE the ride (I did not), you might have been telling yourself “save your legs”…..

On Sunday 7/26, a contingent of BC-AC riders decided to take on a tough and hot “Tour de Long Valley”; a multi-distance ride (20 mi, 40 mi, “metric-century” = 62 mi) which starts somewhere near the top of Schooley’s Mountain in Long Valley, winds it’s way into Califon, works through Lebanon Township and Tewksbury as it moves toward Chester and loops back to Long Valley.  With 5,500 feet of total ascending, it was a solid effort.

Congrats to: Nisim, Marc, Rob, Greg, Ed, Ed and Ryan who took part and to Evan Lee for organizing and getting us there.

Rookie Ruggers in Long Valley

On Wed, July 15 the rugby team made its way north to Long Valley to play in a friendly (scrimmage) against the “Wolfpack”.  The group, who had never played against live competition, started with some drills/skills and eventually moved into the live portion doing surprisingly well against the larger, more experienced LV team.  Team BC*AC, or “The Phantom” as they call themselves, were able to move the ball well when attacking and (mostly) maintained their alignment on defense – a hard, but important skill in Rugby.  The team hopes to arrange additional matches and encourages all club members to come out and support.  More pictures can be found on the BC*AC Facebook Group