Meaningful Work

It’s been hard not to sit back and smile these past few weeks knowing that the BaseCamp 31 community is doing good, meaningful work.   Having had the opportunity to jump in on a few group runs and a pick-up rugby game with members of the athletic club (BC-AC), it’s clear that these folks are creating an environment that facilitates active lifestyle and healthy human movement!  Couple that with the handful of conference calls I’ve been on that with various community leaders and stakeholders that are working to line up “Vamos Flemington” – a health focused community week, along with our board who has aligned with America’s Grow A Row for a summer service project!  But maybe most impactful for me personally this past month was the work that professional member (APHPT) Pat McSweeney did at North Hunterdon High School, in conjunction with the school’s guidance department and thanks to a grant from the Main Street Marathon team.  Pat, a doctor of physical therapy with additional background in community health, brought local high school sophomores evidence-based information on the latest in pain science and practical strategies for the prevention of opioid abuse – something our country needs more of!

It’s been a great month for the BC community…thanks for being a part of it!
Eric Eisenhart
BaseCamnp 31
From the ChairContinuing our focus on COMMUNITY for this year, we are developing some opportunities for this group to give back to the local community.  In addition to the now traditional Giving Tree during the holidays which benefits the Harvest Family Success Center, we are happy to announce that we will have events this year at Grow-A-Row and the Flemington Food Pantry.  We have reserved a slot for 9a-12p on July 27 at Grow-A-Row in Pittstown to harvest fresh vegetables that will be used to FUEL the less fortunate and needy in Hunterdon County.  RSVP HERE

Sticking with the FUELing theme, we are also finalizing a date in May for volunteers to unpack and shelve food at the Flemington Food Pantry.  Stay tuned for more details in the months to come.  Hope to see you out there!
Mike WellonsChairman, BaseCamp 31