“Life is a Journey, Not a Destination”


Happy 2018!  With almost three weeks in the books, it’s typically about this time of year that we’re starting to think seriously about the next 12 month journey ahead.  Were those resolutions realistic goals with an accompanied plan, or just fleeting thoughts catalyzed by the bubbling of a New Year’s toast or dropping of a ball?  Personally, I find it easy to get caught up, and all too often forget that goals aren’t just about achieving and checking off lists, but at least as much about the journey towards them, and the learning and enriching experiences gained along the way.
In 2018, we look forward to the journey’s that may start here…the events and community building that may coalesce, and the personal growth and development that may be shared among one another.  And so, we are excited for many things, but most especially in the early part of the year, that:
  • 2018 BC-AC Race Series has been announced including many local health-oriented events to participate in and support
  • we’re kicking off the New Year with an event that started as a goal, but CELEBRATED THE JOURNEY!

Join us on Thursday, Feb. 22nd at 7p as members Mike & Helen Wellons share their journey, roughly 550 miles walking the “Camino de Santiago” across Spain.


We look forward to sharing the journey with you in 2018,
Eric Eisenhart
BaseCamp 31