It Starts With An Idea

Every once in a while you hear a story that really moves you…makes you want to take action, and helps you realize just how much more fulfilling life is when it’s not about “you”.

This past weekend members of the BaseCamp community had the opportunity to volunteer with America’s Grow a Row, a local not for profit that started with a single volunteer (founder Chip Paillex) who simply wanted to have some daddy-daughter time with his then 4 year old daugther Kyra.  Having never gardened in his life, he felt compelled to start one with his young daughter.  Little did he know it would change his…and so many others, lives….

BaseCamp helps America’s Grow-A-Row

Since that time, America’s Grow A Row has donated over 7.7 million pounds of produce and worked with over 9,000 volunteers (most in Hunterdon County), and has supplied fresh produce to much of the mid Atlantic region in areas of most need.  It’s a story worth hearing… one worth taking a part in.  We’ll be heading back around harvest time… hope you’ll join us!