Day 1: Roaming Az

And so begins the “live” part of the journey…..not the journey itself of course, because this is something that has been in the works for a while.  Planning + prep + training was months in the making…..but now the time is upon us.  BC*AC is proud to follow the adventures of 4 members as they go westward to take on a seriously “grand” challenge – the Grand Canyon!  Good luck to Dan (running Rim to Rim to Rim) and Louan Minzner (hiking the Canyon) as well as Eric and Alysia Puma (both also running R2R2R) who have each readied themselves for the Canyon trip.  We are hoping that there is cell service near the Canyon so we can publish any journey-logs they are keeping…..but if nothing else, we will post stories on their return. (more…)

Next up, Clinton Country Run 15K

On April 25th the BC*AC Racers will head across the street to Bundt Park to toe the line of the Clinton Township Country Run.  With varying distances from 1 mile up to the feature event a 15K, the Country Run attracts a strong field every year.   The Clinton Township Country Run is the 2nd of 10 races in the BC*AC Race Series which includes discounted entries and other perks and is open to BC*AC Members. Register for the race series at:

Cycling Jerseys

Don’t get lost in the crowd this spring! Stand out in a new BC*AC Cycling Jersey.  It won’t be long before the mini-peloton hits the roads….be a part of it, and look the part too. Thanks to Ken Savage for stepping up to design and coordinate the purchase of this year’s jersey. Orders go in just after Easter….so if you want one, make sure you’re on the list.