It Starts with an Idea… volume 2

I love those #throwbackthursday posts you see on social media, reminding us of the many fun memories from times past.  Recently our partners at the Main Street Half Marathon of Hunterdon shared this little gem that brought us back to 2016… and even before that, to 2012 when members of the BaseCamp community (fueled by board member Lindsay Eisenhart) planted a seed that would grow into the Main Street Marathon Series.  Faced with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy which eventually caused the TCS New York City Marathon cancellation, Lindsay led a group of local runners who didn’t feel right running through ravaged parts of NYC and the surrounding boroughs, but weren’t about to let the storm stop them. They ran the 26.2 on local roads!

In 2016 that seed started to sprout as members of BaseCamp Athletic Club and local runners put together a marathon relay. They cultivated what would grow into the course we follow during the #MSHM. Here’s to those pioneers!  #racelocal #community

From Mill to Main….
Eric Eisenhart
BaseCamp 31

It Starts With An Idea

Every once in a while you hear a story that really moves you…makes you want to take action, and helps you realize just how much more fulfilling life is when it’s not about “you”.

This past weekend members of the BaseCamp community had the opportunity to volunteer with America’s Grow a Row, a local not for profit that started with a single volunteer (founder Chip Paillex) who simply wanted to have some daddy-daughter time with his then 4 year old daugther Kyra.  Having never gardened in his life, he felt compelled to start one with his young daughter.  Little did he know it would change his…and so many others, lives….

BaseCamp helps America’s Grow-A-Row

Since that time, America’s Grow A Row has donated over 7.7 million pounds of produce and worked with over 9,000 volunteers (most in Hunterdon County), and has supplied fresh produce to much of the mid Atlantic region in areas of most need.  It’s a story worth hearing… one worth taking a part in.  We’ll be heading back around harvest time… hope you’ll join us!

It’s All Fun & Games

Imagine an infield, surrounded by tents, each with its own cause flying proudly. Imagine a community of fans commemorating a great summer by cheering on their team. Imagine an opportunity to meet and learn about other groups doing great work as well as benefactors who are looking for great efforts to help fund. Imagine cash prizes awarded to the day’s champions to help them fund their own great causes. That’s what we imagine and we are excited to bring it to life.

We believe in community. We support it, we invest in it and, whenever possible, we try to create it.  The BackYard Games was designed to bring all of those efforts together in one place to celebrate the unofficial wrap of summer and the people and groups that make up the community we all serve.

We hope you’ll join us.. register a team and or secure a spectating spot, and help us have some fun and raise some funds for the charities and causes that are most important to you!
From the Chair
Summer is a great time to be active outdoors and enjoy the support and camaraderie of the BaseCamp community. To that end, the BaseCamp Board met in early July to discuss the vision for the BC-AC Clubhouse and first draft plans from our Project Lead, Dan Minzner.  We will soon be forming a small team to get input from across the membership so that the clubhouse meets the needs of the entire BC-AC community.  Stay tuned as plans progress and mark your calendars for the Labor Day weekend “BackYard Games” fundraiser.

PS don’t forget about the volunteer morning at Grow-A-Row on Aug 17 that helps feed those needing in our community – if interested you can sign up here.

Mike Wellons
Chairman, BaseCamp 31