BC*AC Runners Host 2 formal workouts per week – Wednesday evenings at 6:45PM and Saturday mornings at 8AM.

Wednesday Workouts:

Winter workouts leave from BaseCamp31 at 6:45 PM and typically include (up to) 7.5 miles.  Headlamps are recommended.

Spring workouts (beginning first week after daylight savings time) begin at the North Hunterdon High School track at 6:45 PM.

Saturday Workouts:

Saturday runs leave from BaseCamp31 at 8:00 AM and include (up to) a 10 mile loop. Pace leaders are assigned each week to ensure that everyone has someone seasoned to run with.

Saturday Pace Leaders

Run (1) 7-7:30min/mi John W, Kristen P, Lou P, Dan M, Mike E

Run (2) 7:30-8min/mi Frank B, Tom C, Ken S, Roy A, Tim E

Run (3) 8-9min/mi Cathy M, Alysia P, Taylor S, Jenn McC, Greg E

Run (4) 9-10min/mi Steve S, Evan L, David McC, Mike W, Lindsay E

Run (5) 10-11min/mi Anthony M, Jenny P, Amy E, Scott H, Holly G

Run (6) 11-12min/mi Lisa L, Louan M

Walk/Jog (1) >12-15min/mi Elizabeth Z, Connie F, Patti D, Jeanine G

Walk (1)  15+ min/mi Helen W

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