About BC-AC

Early in 2014, the BaseCamp31 Board of Directors supported and approved the creation of The BaseCamp31 Athletic Club (a BC31 committee) to serve the needs of the BC31 community by providing resources related to a variety of athletic endeavors. Although athletics have always played a prominent role within the BC31 community, the creation of “BC-AC” (#BC-AC on social media) formalizes this commitment.

Athletic Club Leaders

BC-AC is a member-led organization.  The following members have accepted roles in 2016:


Name Postion Contact
Mike Eisenhart Club Director director@bc-ac.org
Kristen Prendergast BC31 Board Liaison director@basecamp31.com
Dan Minzner Running Lead run@bc-ac.org
Mark Cawley Running Events Chair run.events@bc-ac.org
Jenn McCaffery Social Chair social@bc-ac.org
Ken Savage Communications BC31 communications@basecamp31.com



Here are some answers to the top FAQ’s to help you get started:

1. Who can join?  The BC*AC is open to any member of BC31.  If you’re not yet a member, simply complete the membership application process (found at the “join link”) and you will be eligible to get involved in BC*AC.

2. What level of commitment does involvement in BC*AC entail? The mission of the athletic club is “to foster a welcoming & supportive community environment for individuals who are in pursuit of athletic goals” therefore the level of commitment is on the terms of the members.  From the occasional drop-in member who stops by for cup of coffee after an easy-going Saturday training session to an “all in” athlete who is training in pursuit of their own limits, the expectation of commitment is on your terms.

3. What sports does BC*AC support? The BC*AC aims to support any athletic endeavor where membership interest exists.  Simply put, if you’ve got the passion for it, we want to see you succeed.  At the current time, endurance sports groups (running, hiking/walking, cycling, triathlon) exist along with two youth pilots (Rugby and Cross-Country).

4. What if I’m a member of another area club? Inline with our mission, BC*AC welcomes all athletes to open events.  Although membership benefits will be reserved for members, if you have the desire to be a member of multiple clubs, there is nothing that prevents this.

5. Are there fees associated with membership? At this time, there are no additional fees to become a member of BC*AC beyond BC31 annual dues ($50 individuals, $100 families).  A portion of the donation is allocated by BC31 for the athletic club and the remaining portion will be retained by BC31 for use in other endeavors (charity, service, scholarship, etc).

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