About Us

Our Goal:

  • To foster our core values of Family, Education, Service and Excellence through the power of rugby. Athletes will overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges to put forth one’s best effort while respecting coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees regardless of the outcome

Our Philosophy:

  • Fierce On the Field
  • Family Off the Field
  • Fit for Life

How do we do it:

  • Our club uses the leading techniques for strength, fitness, speed/agility, and most importantly, injury prevention to ensure our athletes are physically ready to perform. At the same time, we recognize the mind/body connection and take a vested interest in our players’ educational and emotional well-being as opposed to focusing solely on their athletic performance
  • Our approach is a fast, possession style game with a high-pressure defense that wins the ball to regain possession

Meet the team:

  • Michael Eisenhart, Head Coach: Mike Eisenhart is both a charter member of the BC-AC and played  “outside center” (similar to a running back in American football) for the University of Connecticut while he was there pursuing his degree in Physical Therapy.  As a member of one of UCONN’s most decorated teams, Mike was afforded the unique opportunity to compete in the Rugby National Tournament advancing to the Sweet 16 before losing a heartbreaking loss to eventual finalist Penn State University in the closing seconds of the game. As a Physical Therapist, Mike is on the cutting edge for injury prevention as well as proper training technique for today’s youth to ensure optimal results.
  • Greg Eisenhart, Asst. Coach & Business Operations: Like his older brother, Greg was a three-sport athlete growing up (football, wrestling, baseball) before finding rugby in college. Greg played several positions including wing, outside center, and hooker for Boston College’s program gaining the ability to understand multiple positions and see the field through different views for each position. After graduation, Greg worked for a hedge fund in NYC for ~10yrs, routinely handling high-pressure situations before moving back to his hometown of Annandale to raise his family.  Greg believes the emphasis rugby places on building a camaraderie amongst teammates AND opponents is truly unique in sport and something he wants to ensure the youth of his community have since rugby wasn’t readily availble when he was younger.
  • Karl Matthews, Asst. Coach: full bio to come shortly
  • Ken Savage, Asst. Coach: full bio to come shortly
  • Jenn & Josh Roznowski, Asst. Coaches: full bio to come shortly
  • Lauryn Eisenhart, Asst. Coach: Lauryn Eisenhart is an incoming Sophomore at Villa Walsh Academy and a member of the U18 Morris Girls Rugby team playing in the back line (primarily inside/outside center or wing). After playing soccer from a young age, she found an interest with rugby in 8th grade. She has since played both flag and tackle rugby. Lauryn was selected to travel with the Community Olympic Development Team of New York’s Play Rugby Academy in February and also to the National Tournament with Morris in May. She looks forward to a continued rugby career and is considering playing rugby in college.
  • Todd Hengerer, Head of Player Experience: full bio to come shortly